Grateful for the work of many who have influenced us for good, we offer these outlines and messages. We make no claims of originality in the presentation of these truths. We kindly appreciate the opportunity to share the work of others along with our own. We pray that truth is taught and God is glorified by these efforts.

Title Speaker Date Series
The Lord Is My Rock 2019-03-03 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Is My Strength 2019-02-24 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Is My Inheritance 2019-02-17 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Is My Glory 2019-02-10 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Is My Shield 2019-02-03 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Is My _______ 2019-01-27 The Lord Is My _______
The Lord Hears Us Cry (Psalm 44) 2019-01-20 Psalms
Praise the Lord! (Psalms 146-150) 2019-01-13 Psalms
The Urgency of Reconciliation 2019-01-06 General
The Necessity of Forgiveness 2018-12-30 General
Rejoice in the Lord (Psalm 63) 2018-12-16 Psalms
Hearing the Prophets 2018-12-09 Hearing the Prophets
Rivers of Living Water (Ezekiel 47) 2018-12-02 Hearing the Prophets
One People (Ezekiel 37) 2018-11-25 Hearing the Prophets
New Life (Ezekiel 37) 2018-11-18 Hearing the Prophets
New Heart and New Spirit (Ezekiel 36) 2018-11-11 Hearing the Prophets
Hallowed Be Your Name (Ezekiel 36) 2018-11-04 Hearing the Prophets
New Shepherd (Ezekiel 34) 2018-10-28 Hearing the Prophets
Defiled Temple (Ezekiel 8-11) 2018-10-21 Hearing the Prophets
The Appearance of the Likeness of the Glory of YHWH (Ezekiel 1-3) 2018-10-14 Hearing the Prophets