Grateful for the work of many who have influenced us for good, we offer these outlines and messages. We make no claims of originality in the presentation of these truths. We kindly appreciate the opportunity to share the work of others along with our own. We pray that truth is taught and God is glorified by these efforts.

Title Speaker Date Series
Those Who Are Asleep 2014-06-29 General
The Wrath of God 2014-06-29 General
Wine in the Bible 2014-06-22 General
Relief of Saints 2014-06-22 General
The Heart of a Parent 2014-06-15 General
Fruit of the Spirit - Goodness 2014-06-08 Fruit of the Spirit
Alms and Benevolence 2014-06-01 General
Passing the Torch 2014-05-25 General
Subjective Thinking 2014-05-18 General
Psalm 18: Praising God for Answered Prayer 2014-05-11 General
Why Must We Suffer? 2014-05-04 General
All I Need to Know 2014-04-27 General
The Lamb of God 2014-04-20 General
Authority (Part 2) 2014-04-13 General
Authority (Part 1) 2014-04-13 General
Key to the Promised Land (Obedience) 2014-04-06 General
The Resurrection of Christ 2014-04-02 Evidence for A Creator
Dry Bones 2014-04-01 Evidence for A Creator
Darwin’s Origin of the Species 2014-03-31 Evidence for A Creator
Creation as Evidence of the Creator 2014-03-30 Evidence for A Creator