Grateful for the work of many who have influenced us for good, we offer these outlines and messages. We make no claims of originality in the presentation of these truths. We kindly appreciate the opportunity to share the work of others along with our own. We pray that truth is taught and God is glorified by these efforts.

Title Speaker Date Series
Worship #3 - Worship and Sacrifice 2015-03-08 Worship
Worship #1 - Worship in the Presence of God 2015-02-22 Worship
What is “Church”? 2015-02-15 General
Jesus Care about You (Part 2) 2015-02-08 General
Jesus Cares about You 2015-02-01 General
Instrumental Music in the New Testament Public Worship 2015-01-25 General
Obstacles to Fellowship 2015-01-18 General
Faith: People Who Trusted God 2015-01-11 General
Sharing God's Grace 2015-01-04 General
The Gospel of the Kingdom 2014-12-28 General
Thanksgiving to God 2014-12-28 General
Self Control 2014-12-21 Fruit of the Spirit
Instrumental Music in the Old Testament Public Worship 2014-12-14 General
Tabernacle: God Dwelling With Us (Part 3) 2014-12-07 General
Seek Diligently 2014-11-30 General
Seek First 2014-11-30 General
Tabernacle: God Dwelling With Us (Part 2) 2014-11-23 General
Tabernacle: God Dwelling With Us 2014-11-16 General
Old Testament and New 2014-11-09 General
Prayer Life for Disciples 2014-11-02 General