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Title Speaker Date Series
Fathers 2015-06-21 General
Abhor Evil. Cling to Good. 2015-06-14 Sacrifice and Transformation
Church: What Kind of Hospital? 2015-06-14 General
Accountable to God 2015-06-07 General
Serving Our Spiritual Needs 2015-05-31 General
Church: Hospital or Hotel? 2015-05-25 General
The Authority and Kingdom of Christ 2015-05-17 General
The Excellent Woman 2015-05-10 General
Two Struggles of Faith 2015-05-03 General
(6) Stewardship’s Enemies: Materialism & Uncontrollable Debt 2015-04-29 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
(5) Spending God’s Gifts 2015-04-28 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
(4) A Mind to Work 2015-04-27 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
(3) The Grace of Giving 2015-04-26 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
(2) Sons of Light in a Material World 2015-04-26 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
(1) Spirit of God 2015-04-26 Lessons From an Unjust Steward
Forsaking the Church or Forsaking the Lord? 2015-04-19 General
Christ and Him Crucified 2015-04-12 General
Resurrection and Religious Freedom 2015-04-05 General
The Way 2015-03-29 General
Love without Hypocrisy 2015-03-22 Sacrifice and Transformation


Grateful for the work of many who have influenced us for good, we offer these outlines and messages. We make no claims of originality in the presentation of these truths. We kindly appreciate the opportunity to share the work of others along with our own. We pray that truth is taught and God is glorified by these efforts.

Study The Word With Us

Our aim by studying God's word is to better know God and His son, Jesus the Christ, that we might hear the words of eternal life (John 17:3; Philippians 3:10-11; John 6:68) and glorify our Father in heaven. We have adult age classes that typically run one semester in length. We meet at our building location on Sundays (9:30 AM) before worship service and on Wednesday nights (7:00 PM). Please see the location page for class locations. At these same times we also conduct classes of all ages for very young children through high-school age that we might tell the riches of His grace with all.

2013 Fall Studies

Gospel of John - main building (upstairs)

The Revelation of God To John - main building (downstairs)

Somewhat ironically, apocalyptic scriptures, such as Revelation, are often considered mysterious and difficult to understand. The irony in this comes from the fact that 'apocalypse' (in Greek) literally means a disclosure or uncovering of knowledge. This type of writing is meant to reveal truths, not conceal or confuse them. The aim of this study is to build on the foundations laid in previous studies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and particularly Ezekiel to help remove the mystery that surrounds apocalyptic scripture in Daniel, the gospels, and primarily in Revelation. In so doing, participants will see the primary message of these texts: God is always victorious, and those who are on his side will share in victory.


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